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This week we spoke to Digbeth's favourite street artist, Jinxy about WHAT, blah balh , sjjfihie9higven. check out our interview >>>


Interviews >>







-cant really do news as we are not impartial, for example we couldn't write - the old crown is closing or changed hands', because we are a competitor. 

- we could possible do news about music - ginger baker dying, new albums, new TV at a push? ginger baker dying - heres a list of our top ten drummers of all time etc. do a linked in piece.


- Don't want to do reviews. again becuase we are not impartial - we could only review events at our own venue and they would all need to be favourable. too much pressure, dont like reviews anyway they are gay.

- comedy will be something we look into later. we should be hosting comedy events if we can.


- Film is something we can expand on. any films that we want to show, there's loads of content there. the soundtrack, if we love it / or hate it. stories about the background of the film etc.


- Events. this is probably a place to either expand on the what's on page, or we may have to bin this of altogether.


- interviews are another good one, we should be interviewing local people we have a good relationship with. Jinxy is a good place to start. we photograph them, do a written interview, a video segment if necessary - footage of him painting. if its a band, an acoustic version of a song etc. needs to be a round up at the end. exhibit some of jinxy's art at our place, put some on display. 


- engine room playlists - new music. album of the week. best of the noughties etc. in music section

format of interview should be:


ER: So, fioasdf fajuo nkdfnio fni?